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Dr. Hicks Harper speaks to 1,400 Michigan Middle School and High School students 
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Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Substance Abuse and HIV (H2P) is designed to improve knowledge and skills related to drugs and HIV/AIDS among youth ages 12-16 with the aim of preventing or reducing their substance use and risky sexual activity. The program incorporates aspects of Hip-Hop culture–including language, arts, and history–as a social, cultural, and contextual framework for addressing substance use and HIV risk behaviors.
Hip hop 2 prevent about imageH2P uses a curriculum consisting of 10 modules, called “ciphers,” delivered in 10 2-hour sessions. Through the curriculum’s use of Hip-Hop culture, interactive multimedia, and a mix of traditional but mostly non-traditional methods for positive youth engagement, youth learn information about drugs, HIV/AIDS, and sexual behavior; resistance and refusal skills; effective communication and negotiation skills; information about healthy alternatives to sex and drugs; and prevention self-efficacy skills.
Youth engagement professionals (e.g., educators, counselors, trainers) deliver the first four modules in after-school or in-school sessions and the remaining modules in a relaxed environment like what we call H2P camp, a 3-day retreat or recreational setting offering students structured learning and recreational activities, team-building experiences, mentoring, and opportunities for creative expression and sharing. Prior to serving as implementers of H2P, program staff must participate in a 2-day training to expand their understanding about the genesis, ideology, and cultural components of Hip-Hop culture, the Hip-Hop Development Theory for positive youth engagement outcomes, and the H2P program overall.
H2P training session

Training #1:

Hip-Hop Development/Hip-Hop Enhancement

This multimedia training engages participants in a hands-on interactive, fun and edutaining experience. The training will increase their Hip-Hop Cultural Competency while taking what participants already know about Hip-Hop to another level in a shared learning environment. Participants’ understanding of the pervasive culture’s formal features (characteristics that maximize the impact of messaging) will be enhanced and opportunities for engagement will be created using preventive intervention – with Hip-Hop as the catalyst. Participants will also be introduced to Hicks Harper’s Hip-Hop Development Theory and its core components for positive youth development and engagement. This training is a must for those who target youth today in their education and prevention efforts, and a must for those implementing the H2P curriculum.

Training #2:

H2P Training of Trainers (TOT)

Trainers and other youth stakeholders who will be implementing the evidence-based H2P program curriculum will be provided the tools for ensuring fidelity, including the strategic framework necessary for a successful, fun and rewarding implementation experience with youth. An overview of the curriculum will be presented, and each module (cipher/cypher) will be discussed. Participants will engage in role playing selected ciphers using technology and props, identifying and discussing potential challenges, and creating an understanding of flexibility boundaries, curriculum adaptations, and the core components required for win-win outcomes. This training creatively offers that which is required for training others and implementing H2P.
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Dr. P Thandi Hicks Harper PHD

P. Thandi Hicks Harper, Ph.D.

Dr. Hicks Harper has extensively studied and continues to research, explore and evaluate Hip-Hop’s influence within youth popular culture. She is the lead program developer of the Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Substance Abuse and HIV program (H2P) and her doctoral dissertation examined the role of Rap music video for pedagogy. Her 1983 master’s degree thesis is the first worldwide to examine Hip-Hop’s ability to facilitate learning and retention. Dr. Hicks Harper’s Hip-Hop Developmenttm Theory of Change and Practical Application represents the foundation for the H2P curriculum. H2P is currently on the U.S. DHHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Practices and Programs and this 2016 H2P program as well. Dr. Hicks Harper keynotes, lectures and conducts professional development workshops and seminars nationwide and globally, and is President and CEO of the Youth Popular Culture Institute (YPCI). She teaches at Howard University in the School of Education’s Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies.
Dr. P Thandi Hicks Harper PHD

Timothy Jones

Timothy is a writer, educator, and pundit of hip-hop culture and youth development. He is a Hip-Hop Scholar in Residence at Teachers College, Columbia University, and was one of the founders of The Cultural Initiative Inc., which developed and implemented the Annual Hip-Hop Conference at Howard University from 1991-1996. Timothy’s commitment to youth and Hip-Hop Development are evident through his work as a workshop developer implementing hip-hop based programming for after school programs and schools throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and beyond. Timothy is the Director of Youth Operations at YPCI and Chief Visionary Officer of #HipHopEd. #HipHopEd is a weekly twitter chat presenting timely discussions on education and hip-hop that serve as professional development for educators, parents, practitioners and youth.. Timothy is also an ordained minister.

Shelly Briscoe

Shelly is a Masters Degree student pursing a career in Information Management. During pursuit of her Bachelors of Arts in Speech Communications, she gained strong researching, writing, communication, and presentation skills. She has worked with children and teens in various capacities, including as a Substitute Teacher, Counselor and Tutor. One of her goals is to work in a non-profit youth-serving organization.

Sudani Scott

As a biologist, youth advocate, and creative writer, Sudani’s young career has spanned various schools of thought and education. She works extensively with youth and on youth targeted projects at YPCI, and has previously worked with teens in a Health Training capacity. Sudani was just nominated to publish her works in The International Who’s Who of Poetry.
H2P workshop
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The HHD Theory of Change is the foundation of H2P. Based on science and practice, HHD speaks to Hip-Hop culture’s ability to provide the practical application and core components necessary for positive youth engagement.

HHD Development Chart


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Program Contact:
P. Thandi Hicks Harper, Ph.D.(Lead Program Developer)
President Youth Popular Culture Institute, Inc.
Twitter: @drhicksharper
Dissemination/Implementation Contact:
T. Starr Harper-Hicks, MBA
Program Communications Executive Youth Popular Culture Institute, Inc.
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